Reflection | Topic One

My comment on Vivian’s post
My comment on Brenden’s post

The internet or digital world constantly affects our lives significantly, whether we know it or not. After reading my own post and its comments as well as reading and commenting on those of Vivian and Brenden, my views on topic 1 were enriched, with things that I didn’t give much thought to before.

Brenden spoke a fair bit about privacy in his post and mentioned Edward Snowden as an example. His statement: “this underlying fear of what someone would do to the information I have put out for the world to use” still resonates in my head, questioning myself about posting information online easily without much thought. Being a resident gives someone an online identity, but it also means that they’re providing their identity as a possible target for information theft or misuse.
Vivian on the other hand used most of the content of her post to give detailed elaborations about what it means to be a digital resident or visitor. Her post was very informative and self-explanatory, nicely concluded with her inference of the importance of this topic for future organisations.

Most of the comments on my blog post seem to have complimented me on taking a more personal approach to explaining about the topic. However, this made me realise that I should have supplemented my post with more factual elaborations on the topic, which I will work on in the future discussions.

My commenters have also agreed with me that the ability to distinguish between residents and visitors are crucial, and how the internet is a great tool as a networking platform. I would say that from this topic discussion, it is obvious that most of us are digital residents of the web, and the world seems to be leaning in the same direction as time progresses.

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