Reflection | Topic 2

My comment on Kaye’s post

My comment on Nicol’s post

I initially approached the argument of having one vs multiple online identities by addressing authenticity and anonymity online, followed by expressing my view of favouring multiple online identities. After reading and commenting on Nicol and Kaye’s posts, they have highlighted that there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides of the argument; whether for or against multiple identities, and choosing a side is dependent on certain circumstances.

Nicol’s post elaborates on the advantages of multiple identities; mainly security and compartmentalising personal life from employers, while the disadvantages are mainly “creating an online disinhibition effect” (Suller, 2004) and lack of authenticity. These are points which favour multiple identities, which I have also mentioned in my own post. Nicol also states that the argument of having multiple identities or not is dependent on different circumstances, and I this is a point that I strongly agree on.

Kaye’s post highlights the plight of a single online identity; an area I did not explore. Displaying the protests against Facebook’s “Real Name” policy (, 2016), and incorporating her personal insight of impression management (Goffman, 1959) where she presents herself differently to different audiences, Kaye demonstrates the strong setbacks of a single identity, which highlights her support for multiple identities.

One common point in both Kaye and Nicol’s posts was how employers divulge information online from an employee’s online identity (CareerBuilder, 2016), and this further supports my stand for having multiple identities. Both posts have broadened my views on this argument, and my take still stands; the benefits of privacy and security are powerful reasons for supporting having multiple online identities, and the disadvantages of a single identity as shown in Kaye’s blog posts further support my view.

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