Reflection | Topic 3

Being a digital resident, I thought I had this topic figured out; wouldn’t it be as simple as having a set of consistent professional social media accounts and a polished LinkedIn profile? It turned out to be a more elaborate process. This topic has certainly broadened my notion regarding the importance of one’s professional online presence.

One realisation is that maintaining authenticity in conjunction with a professional profile that sells well, is a balance point that is difficult to achieve. As pointed out by Liting’s post, one needs to be flexible in developing their professional online profile, adapting to different job requirements accordingly. (Ibarra, 2015) However, the fine line between compromising authenticity and expatiating one’s KSAs is a sensitive one. Thus, achieving this is difficult; one must constantly improve themselves through acquiring new skills and knowledge that would match up to ever-changing requirements.

Next, Vivian’s and Jia Jiun’s comments on my post highlighted the importance of holistically maintaining a LinkedIn account. As Vivian mentioned, a well-maintained account is more effective, and Jia Jiun brought up the point that regularly updated information increases authenticity. I fully agree with them; owning a polished and effective account is one thing, but an account with outdated information won’t do any good. Besides, putting in effort to maintain and update one’s LinkedIn profile means that one will also keep himself updated with current affairs, recruiters are constantly searching for potential talents on LinkedIn, and it shows employers the that an individual is genuine in striving to promote himself, accentuating his authenticity. (Arruda, 2013)

Another common point across many posts was the importance of Search Engine Optimisation, an increasingly important aspect of promoting one’s online professional account. Using consistent handles across all online professional accounts and including names significantly in websites will easily lead employers to a consistent range of one’s professional and compelling digital profiles. (Parcells, 2014)

Covering these important aspects will enable one to be more easily identified, stand out, and ultimately more employable.

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My comment on Vivian’s post

My comment on Liting’s post


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