A Quick Look At Living & Working On The Web

As this module comes to an end, I’d like to say that it’s been a very enriching and fulfilling journey. With the flexibility of working hours and venues, based on a platform of self-expression and improvement, I’ve had a splendid time “living and working on the web”.

Everything I’ve learnt in this module has been interrelated. Topic 1 which was about digital residents and digital visitors, was linked to Topic 2 whereby as a digital resident I explored the importance of having multiple online identities; vital for knowing how to set up an appropriate professional digital profile – Topic 3. Topic 4 explored the ethical issues revolving social media use, which is also covered in Topic 5 on the issue of freely available content online.

In essence, this module has taught me how to develop an online professional profile, crucial for my professional career. In the process of doing so, I have done the following:


I’ve done & illustrated a self-assessment to reflect on my progression before and after the module.




Next, I’ve worked on screening and tweaking some of my social media accounts, as well as creating some new ones, utilising what I’ve learned in topic 2 – creating multiple online identities – and topic 3 – managing my digital profile.


My Twitter Profile



This was the main offering and requirement of the module itself, introducing me to my virgin experience in blogging. I’ve managed to learn how to use WordPress extensively over the course of this module, tweaking the design and layout of my blog as I went along, and after a few posts, I got the hang of blogging about given topics on a daily basis. This has enabled me to exercise research on current issues of the digital age, explain and express my views in a creative and analytical manner, and engage in constructive discussions with peers.


My LinkedIn Profile

Upon completing Topic 3 regarding digital profiles, I learnt about the importance of LinkedIn and how it is a commonly used tool among recruiters today. I’ve used what I’ve learned so far in creating an effective LinkedIn profile and have done the following: write an interesting summary section, included my past education and working experiences (albeit not much), and included the skills that I currently possess.



Further Reflection

I can’t say enough how enriching this module has been for me, broadening my views on things which I had initially thought I was already familiar with. As you may have read in my LinkedIn profile summary, I came from an engineering background before this shift to marketing, and I would think that this module has given me a small insight into what a career in marketing would feel like. I’ve had a lot of fun blogging (I really like it now!), and now that I’m more adept at understanding and harnessing the power of social media, I will continue to habitually and holistically maintain my social media profiles to utilise it as a tool for marketing, immersing myself deeper into this new field of study, hopefully making a difference in the marketing industry of my country.

To end off, I’ve made an illustration of the developmental benefits I’ve gained from this module, which have definitely benefitted me now and for the future.


linkedin_circle_black-512 twitter-512 facebook-2

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